The Nurturing Programme :

Aimed to help you finally achieve the health goals you want.


The appleaday 28 day Nurturing Programme will give you the information and support for you to stay on track the healthy way.

A 1:1 consultation, individualised nutritional and lifestyle advice, daily menu plans, shopping lists, recipes,
follow-up consultations - and my constant support during the Programme - will help you achieve the results you've set yourself.


This is individualised care, not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Whether you’re looking for help with weight loss or with chronic health conditions, stress, fatigue
or a cleansing detox month, the Nurturing Programme is about making optimal health more accessible for you….
with that extra support to see you through some changes you might otherwise be tempted to put in the ‘too hard’ basket.

I will be your health support the whole time - at the other end of the phone, computer

... and in person.


The lead-in time allows you to make small and gradual changes to your meals and daily life habits.
This will help your 28-day NP be more manageable for you - more likely to give you the results you're aiming for.

Your committment however is an integral part of the programme.

As a nutritional therapist, at the time of your consultation, I'lll expalin
the foods and nutrients to suit your constitution or health condition,
however it'll be your decision to make the changes happen.

Your goals will compel you to carry on.

Not all health conditions will be suited to the Programme hence I send out a simple questionnaire
plus we can have a phone chat before starting in order to see if you and the Programme will work well together.
There is no charge for this.


The cost for the Programme is £450


This is what the 28-day programme includes:

-  90 minute initial consultation with iridology.
   This can be in my Wimborne clinic, Dorset… or in your home.
    It can also be done via skype (without iris analysis) – ideal for overseas clients.

-  After this consultation you will receive the lead-in plan to make gradual changes over
   one to three weeks- depending on your current health status and your individual needs.  

-  also your weekly menu plan, including recipes built around health but also your tastes

-  and your 'Essential Food Shop' list  for the required food each week

-  access to daily answers to your questions via email, plus a weekly support phone
   or skype call of 30 minutes
duration.  This will be to discuss progress, make any necessary tweaks
   and to help motivate and support the next stage of your journey to optimal wellness

-  two follow-up consultations in the two months following your NP.  In person or via skype/telephone

The Nurturing Programme is just that:  Nurturing you to wellness

Call Monica on 0777 8465222 if you would like to discuss if the NP suits you.