The appleaday Detoxathon can now be arranged online.

Five days of clean-eating which you can do at a time to suit you! 

The appleaday Detoxathon has been running for several years as an online group event,
however the timing didn’t always suit everyone.

Now you can do your clean-eating week when you want - and for as long as you want.

Extend it to 10 days if you wish by just going back to day 1 and repeating the menu plan using the extra recipes provided. 


This is what your Detoxathon includes:


  • Comprehensive lead-in sheets: easy to follow guidance on making the most of your detox
  • A "Before" and "After" symptom questionnaire  - so you can track your progress
  • A five-day Menu plan
  • A food Shopping List to make it as easy for you as possible
  • Recipes for the five days (plus some extras in case you want to extend your detox to 10 days)
  • NEW Fact sheets for each day of the Detoxathon: Lowering your Toxic Burden, Decreasing Allergens in the Home, Plastic Facts, Nutrients to support all-system detoxification, Natural Cleaning Solutions
  • Additional attachments for general health:  Foods for Grounding and Creativity, Nutrition for Brain Health. And because this is about a detoxing of mind and spirit as well as body....
  • Guidance on breathing exercises and mindfulness to ensure your week is looking after the Whole You

The Detoxathon cost is £75.  

And if you would like a subsequent 1:1 or skype consultation, a 10% discount will apply.

"Last day of the Detoxathon and I have so enjoyed doing it.  Thank you for all your had work and the great recipes.  It has been great fun playing with new ingredients.  I especially love the millet and quinoa porridge and the tabbouleh was fab".  

Angie Sutton, Blandford

Having participated in two of Monica's detoxathons, I can only recommend them.  It was a great experience and has literally changed my eating habits.  She has opened my eyes to how what we eat can affect our lives......great recipes and I appreciate the fact that the ingredients were seasonal....."

Cathy Hofer, Lohn, Switzerland

 "Thank you so much Monica....what a brilliant idea!  I didn't know quite what to expect [with the Detoxathon] but have loved every single minute of it.  I have more energy and even my concentration has increased.  All this in the space of one week!  I will definitely spread the word".  

Adenike Adedipe, Salisbury, Wiltshire

"The Detoxathon has been perfectly timed to get back into food in a healthy way and I have really enjoyed cooking with different ingredients and spices. The recipes are delicious...and cannot wait to try the few recipes I haven't yet made."

Deborah Green