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Quinoa pizza base

I’ve been trying out a few gluten-free options for pizzas this week, changing the recipes I’ve found to suit our taste-buds, and then doing a taste-test with the family and some friends. This quinoa one is delicious and quick to prepare.
Next week I’ll post a buckwheat/almond version!


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Sweet as Honey

I have just discovered a delicious bitter-sweet honey called Arbutus, which is harvested in Portugal and sold by “Wild about Honey.”
This is a raw, unfiltered and cold extracted honey made by hand in the western Algarve, where beekeepers “follow age-old traditions and make the honey, in the main, by hand.”


According to their blog – wildabouthoney.co.uk – beehives are moved around so that the bees forage for all type of blossom, from eucalyptus to thyme, orange blossom, arbutus and carob.
The last two  are the ones which really tick the box for me!
And because I would really like to know that honey is indeed a healthy food I should be eating, I decided to do some research on it.
What I discovered is that there is a lot of disagreement out there when it comes to honey…
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