Consultation Testimonials:


'I finally feel  that I am getting somewhere in understanding what has been going on with me for the last 3.5 years!  Moreover, for the first time I feel that the problem has been isolated and there is a way to address it.  [Both types of laboratory tests revealed problems: imbalances in the gut and adrenal issues].  I know I'm getting older and that I will never feel as fit as I once did, but I was convinced that my symptoms were not just down to ageing, and the laboratory results confirmed that.  Thank you for your support and for helping me find the root cause.'

Jeff Moffat, Dorset 2017 


'Thank you for saving my tummy!  I thought it was my over-active mind ruining my stomach but I realised it was the other way round.  I was a little sceptical at first but liked the way you dealt with the 'know my own body' attitude, and I really wanted something to work.  I listened and followed your recommendations, left out some foods that I was eating, cut back on alcohol and took the supplements to sort out the gut problems that the lab test showed.  After three weeks I already felt the effects!  I stuck to most of the changes and have felt so much better since then.  
A year on, and I just had a follow up to go through the lab retest.  I'm so happy the results show no infections and prove why I feel better; they'd all been off the scale bad a year ago.  My stomach feels lighter and emptier and not a gurgling acidic mess.  I'm sleeping through the night and my mood has changed because of it.  I'll continue to follow your suggestions as this is life changing stuff!'

Pete. H., Dorset, 2017


'Seeing Monica has totally changed my life.  It's been amazing learning about nutrition and auto immunity and so far I'm managing my condition successfully (Rheumatoid arthritis) without medication and with Monica's advice and my own will power!  It's been truly life changing.


Janice Murphy, Somerset, 2016 



'In a country where we are lucky enough to have something like the NHS, it can sometimes feel odd to pay for medical advice.  I have to say, however, that going to see Monica was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
She proved to be ..... a good listener, a great communicator, and better still, she really knows her stuff.  
When reaching the end of my second year as a renal patient (on oodles of tablets, but some way from dialysis) I asked my consultant what I could do to help, through a change of diet.   (The consultant) didn't care what I ate.  As long as I didn't put on any weight - which I had whilst on the medications.
Monica came highly recommended.  Through building up a detailed picture of the issues surrounding my health, she was able to advise me on the foods that would support my condition and encourage me. Gradually the weight I'd gained came off, and I started to feel overall a little better.  I face a long journey of recovery, but I know that Monica has played, and will continue to play, a large role in that recoery, and I am very grateful.'

 Darren Butler,  Dorset,  2016


 'I first approached Monica for help with IBS symptoms in my final year of University. Although I have always been a very healthy eater .....Monica has been able to open my eyes to some delicious new foods and recipes, plus, (after lab tests results) she introduced me to coping mechanisms and supplements that have worked wonders for my digestion and my emotional well being.  She is knowledgeable and is an understanding nutritional therapist who truly cares about the wellbeing of her clients.  I cannot recommend her enough.'

 Katrina M,  Durham


"Monica greatly helped at a time when my sense of what is good nutrition had deserted me. Using her invaluable advice and great support, I was very soon on the right track. Back to normal with loads of vitality and energy."

Helen Ambrosen, Co-Founder Lush Cosmetics, Dorset


"My 15 year old son had suffered from back pain for a whole year with no improvement. After numerous trips to physios, chiropractors GPs and finally a Rheumatologist I was devastated at the diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondilitis. Stretching exercises and anti-inflammatories/painkillers were prescribed to manage the pain inbetween 6 monthly hospital follow up appointments.
I wanted to try every avenue that might possibly help his condition and sought nutritional advice from Monica. She was so knowledgeable and positive about the condition and advised a strict Paleo regime which essentially was to cut out all grains, dairy and sugar from my son’s diet.

Not easy for a 15 year old, tall strapping young man with an insatiable appetite!! But driven by Monica's enthusiasm and help with recipes we managed it. Daily homemade vegetable and fruit smoothies, lots of vegetables and soups, plus nuts, fish, chicken and eggs - all had a remarkable effect.

I am happy to report that here we are 5 months on from his original consultation with Monica and he is pain free and glowing from the inside out. Monica was so helpful and supportive throughout our journey and nothing was too much trouble for her. She was a great source of comfort and always available on the end of a phone for advice, help or just a chat. I was so appreciative and thankful that I had someone like her to share my concerns and help my son and I through those initial stages."

 Caroline and Oliver Groat, Wimborne


"Monica's Nurturing Programme has proved to be a turning point in my life.  Two weeks of following gorgeous recipes seemed to kick-start my metabolism and I lost weight, gained energy and felt motivated to take more notice of what I eat.

I actually lost my appetite for sweet and fatty foods entirely and now have no interest in foods that I was eating for the wrong reasons.  it's almost as though I now have a greater rapport with my body and it tells me what it needs."

Vicky Gerrell, owner Cream & Co, Dorset


'I first saw Monica in 2013 with IBS symptoms and generally feeling not very well.  I now feel amazing!  All IBS symptoms are gone and I am now on the right track with what I can and can't eat.  I would highly recommend Monica, not only for her advice and delicious recipes, but also for being so friendly and approachable.' 

Cathryn Kobayashi, Neal's Yard


"I have been following Monica's Nurturing Programme for just over 4 weeks now and have bought my first dress in years - size 10, from a very tight fitting 14. [I've found her recipes] easy to follow and delicious."

Christine Drown, Dorchester


 "My consultation with Monica was such an eye opener. With her advice I solved some issues I'd had for such a long time.  Her approach was thoughtful and understanding and her solutions made a big different to the way I feel - everyday.  I would highly recommend Monica's services to anyone."

Madeline Somers, Sheath Beneath, Sydney, Australia


"The results I have enjoyed have been many. My digestive system is functioning much better, and I am much more aware of working with it’s needs. My hormones seem to have settled considerably, my brain seems clearer and more focused and I am sleeping better. I feel that I am managing better overall, more able to prioritise and keep on top of things. Over 4 months I have lost 12 kilos in unwanted body weight, am continuing to loose slowly and am now near to my proper weight. I am also constantly being told that I am looking great, and asked what I have been doing. Incidentally, I haven’t gone hungry once."

C. Dine, Ringwood, Hampshire 


"Two years ago I embarked on Monica's Nurturing Programme.  She provided the inspiration, insight, information, delicious recipes, shopping lists and motivational help towards a new healthy lifestyle.  I lost one stone and 5 lbs in 7 weeks and felt absolutely fabulous!  The programme works and results were fast.  I can highly recommend it."

Elizabeth Woodhead, Dorset


"When I went to see Monica I was at the tail end of a course of antibiotics for a bladder infection… After a very thorough consultation I left feeling that the whole picture of my health had been taken into consideration; armed with her recommendations I started on a course of treatment…and feel the best I have for a very long time. Along with an increase in my energy levels, my menopausal hot flushes have also reduced to almost non existence.”

Meryl Thompson, Aromatherapist


“I consulted Monica for a general nutritional MOT and possible dietary intolerance at the end of 2008. She was extremely conscientious, and took a very detailed history …. I would thoroughly recommend her service…it is highly professional and comprehensive, and Monica’s personal warmth and demeanour make it feel more like a friendly conversation than an interrogation. Her aftercare has been exceptional.”

Helen Allen


"When I went to see Monica late 2013 I was suffering with constantly recurring colds, fatigue and generally run down.  I thought I ate healthily and couldn't understand why I was always battling with illness.  Eighteen months later I have not spent a day in bed feeling ill.  She explained a lot about eating the right foods to boost my immune system, how to combat fatigue and her holistic approach has meant that the minute I feel a cold coming on, or am run down, i can reach for the remedies she has given me, my own 'magic medicine'!  Monica's advice has made a real difference to how I live my life, the food i eat and how conscious i am of looking after myself."

Kelly Haupt, Cream of the South, Director of client services


"I had a consultation with Monica here in Sydney late 2013 to discuss my fatty liver condition.  She was very thorough, taking details of my symptoms, general health, eating habits etc.  After the consultation she formulated a great programme for me to follow.  The food choices were a lot more interesting than I imagined even though sugars, processed foods and alcoholic beverages were eliminated or reduced for a time.  Monica also offered a great follow up service where I could discuss any concerns I had.  I've also participated in one of her detoxathons in 2014.  The recipes were fantastic, tasty and satisfying and I felt terrific after the 5 days.  I would highly recommend her services as she has a wealth of knowledge to share and is genuinely interested in her clients and their progress".

Mary Norton-Smith, Sydney, Australia


"I have seen Monica for nutritional advice for my two boys. She made my boys feel at ease and was able to suggest ways of improving their diet without making them feel they had to give up all the foods they love. She is realistic and offered great advice to me on how I might cook their meals while gaining maximum nutritional benefit without them even knowing their diet was being altered slightly …. I asked both boys what they thought of their sessions. ED aged 10 thought Monica was nice and friendly….and Tom aged 14 thought Monica was not scary which he felt most nutritionists might be. He also said he liked how she gave advice about specific foods which for him helped make things clearer.”

Bonnie Southgate, Biopilates instructor


“I came to Monica because I was suffering from nervous tension and digestive problems. Her dietary and lifestyle suggestions made a lot of sense and were also manageable …. At the time I had not just eating problems but also lots of personal decisions to make and she proved an invaluable support. I still see Monica for a consultation – but now feel I just need an MOT!”

Norman Witt


"Monica guided us through a week of sensible detox eating.  Her recipes were delicious, her online support and encouragement are fab.  I became a client as a result. Distance is not an issue (I'm an expat living in California...... When I need to talk to Monica as opposed to just emailing, we skype, which works well.  If you're looking for an in-depth, non-medical approach to nutritional issues, I have no hesitation in recommending Monica"

Maggie L. Bay Area, California

monica watson-peck nutritionalist 

Detoxathon, Workshops and Talks:


'Lots of information, very inspriting and delicious foods. Thank you.'

Laura B. Dorset  (auto-immune workshop 2016)


'A lovely, realxed and very information day.  Monica is...passionate about helping people to know ways of improving health naturally'.

L.K., Hampshire (auto-immune workshop 2016)


"Having participated in two of Monica's detoxathons, I can only recommend them.  It was a great experience and has literally changed my eating habits.  She has opened my eyes to how what we eat can affect our lives......great recipes and I appreciate the fact that the ingredients were seasonal....."

Cathy Hofer, Lohn, Switzerland (detoxathon)


 "Thank you so much Monica....what a brilliant idea!  I didn't know quite what to expect [with the Detoxathon] but have loved every single minute of it.  I have more energy and even my concentration has increased.  All this in the space of one week!  I will definitely spread the word".  

Adenike Adedipe, Salisbury, Wiltshire (detoxathon)


"The Detoxathon has been perfectly timed to get back into food in a healthy way and I have really enjoyed cooking with different ingredients and spices. The recipes are delicious...and cannot wait to try the few recipes I haven't yet made."

Deborah Green


"Monica used to run her 'Monday club' in my previous cafe in Wimborne, Pick More Daisies.  For about a year, every Monday, Monica would discuss a specific health topic - some of them were Heart Health, Inflammation, Allergies, Menopause, Arthritis...and she would pass on her considerable knowledge about the foods, lifestyle and natural supplements which might help symptoms.  A small group of 8-10 ladies and occasionally some gentlemen would settle down with her at the long table, for the talk and some of our refreshments.  Monica imparted her knowledge with warmth and humour and offered advice on tantalising dishes that combine healthy ingredients and new and refreshing flavours.  

I still go to some of Monica's workshops - a great day out - where she combines important health and diet information with a fabulous lunch.  She mixes lovely colours in her cookery which makes for wonderful presentation and taste, using the best organic, fresh, and wherever possible, local, ingredients.  She is an advocate of 'growing your own' and composting the leftovers (although 'growing her own' last year apparently was mainly eaten by the local rabbits and deer!)  Monica's knowledge of her subject and warm disposition make for a relaxing but rewarding time where we can sit back and listen - and then taste the delicious foods that contain the nutrients she's talked about in the talk."

Linda Tazzyman, owner Number 9 & Number 9 On the Green, Wimborne, Dorset


"I have attended a couple of Monica's workshops and on each occasion they have proven to be very enjoyable, relaxed and stimulating....I have come away informed, motivated and energised to try something different..."

Louise Thorpe, Dorset


"It was lovely to see everyone and thank you for coming to the retreat...and thanks to Monica for all her hard work, delicious food and information talks.  I learned so much and am inspired to find out more."

Theresa Cooper, Pilates instructor [Pilates & Good Nutrition Retreat event]


"I enjoyed Saturday's talk  [Sun and Energy: Vitamin D and Magnesium talk].  I now have a fridge full of healthy organic vegetables and have even had a go at soaking almonds!  The supplement you suggested has been like switching on a light."

Barbara Lewis-Richardson


"Last day of the Detoxathon and I have so enjoyed doing it.  Thank you for all your had work and the great recipes.  It has been great fun playing with new ingredients.  I especially love the millet and quinoa porridge and the tabbouleh was fab".  

Angie Sutton, Blandford


"How enjoyable and informative was your Autumn Detox Workshop last week.  So much I learned and re-learned!  Your knowledge and enthusiasm has encouraged me to find out more for myself.  the food was delicious and your detox tea is quite addictive - I must need it!"

Angela Kingsnorth


"Thank you for your fantastic Detox Talk on Thursday.  So informative, inspiring and relaxed.  The lunch was gorgeous as were the surroundings. Looking forward to signing up for another workshop."

Helen Farr


"Your talk on Friday was super.  You are able to enthuse and motivate in equal measure in such a friendly and approachable way.  As with your talk on hormonal health, I came away buzzing and fired up.... I shall keep a look out for the recipes on your website."

Cherry Atlay


"Both the Spice Talk and the Herb talk were fascinating whirls through history and the medicinal effedts of each. Entertaining and educational followed by a lovely lunch with like-minded people....a great way to spend the day and in such a lovely location at Dean's Court, Wimborne."

Nick and Vicky Gerrell


"Thank you Monica, I really enjoyed the workshop...there are hours and hours of research encapsulated into the notes so i am truly grateful for the information not to mention the very delicious lunch.  I have put the 'Monday Club' date in my diary and will definitely hope to come along to the talks."

Ann Warr


 "Monica is very passionate about nutrition and is keen to pass on her knowledge and experience to others.  Her workshops are not only useful and informative but fun too.  I've been to two now and am looking forward to the next."

Linda Broomfield, Mazars, Poole


Have loved all the recipes that I have tried and will continue to use them. My husband has joined me on the detox and we have both lost about 4 lbs this week so are really pleased! Thank you Monica!

Theresa Cooper, Pilates instructor, Dorset


Healthy Cooking Workshop Testimonials:


"I have attended four of Monica's workshops.  Not only were they great fun, but I learnt how to put together scrumptious yet nutritious meals - and then get the pleasure of enjoying all the hard work afterwards!  The only complaint I have is that my daughter has walked off with the very informative worksheets and recipes that Monica provided!  I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to attend these for a fun and informative day.

Penny Keeling, Bournemouth


“I was impressed with the delicious flavours …and will definitely be trying these out at home”

George J 


“Great workshop – really enlightening – very tasty food plus lots of info given. Introduced to loads of new ingredients…likely to add this to our regular family meals, thanks”

Bev S


 "Thank you so much for a stimulating, interesting and FUN day – learned a lot and am delighted with the new ideas and recipes. I’m going to impress….with that delicious chestnut soup, yum yum. Whenever I see you I become newly energised to improve my domestic non goddess image!”

Dr. Gill van Hasselt


 “Very enlightening and I will be trying some of these recipes at home. Thank you for a great day”

Donna Hart


 “I think this will change the way I cook and eat. It was very interesting and inspirational – thank you”

Gillian W


“It was really helpful for Katie and I to learn new dishes which she will be able to prepare herself – and which taste good!” [Teen Cooking w’shop]

Sarah and Katie Cook


"The cooking session was really fun and Monica showed me how to make healthy food taste delicious."

Emi Richardson (age 9)