How can appleaday help you?


Your Consultation:

Before your consultation I ask that you complete an easy questionnaire and food diary which I either email or post to you, and which you then return prior to your appointment.  This gives me a great overview of your health picture and will result in better use of your consultation time.

Your ninety minute appointment - either 1:1 or via skype or facetime - gives us the opportunity to go through your health and dietary status in detail.  My aim is to work with you in assessing possible underlying causes for symptoms or conditions, taking into account your familial as well as your personal health history.   

With the aid of non-invasive diagnostic tools, such as iris, hair and tongue analyses, I recommend an action plan that's realistic and manageable.  It includes specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations - food and possible supplementation - that will help take you forward.  
Even though I prefer to start with dietary and lifestyle changes, I may recommend a laboratory test if I think it'll help find the root cause of symptoms.  See below for information about these.

The aim of your consultation is to make a positive difference to your health!  To help you increase energy levels, improve weight and find balance and wellness in your life.  A long-term approach, not just a quick-fix bandage :)


What does a Consultation include?

At the time of your consultation, recommendations are discussed which I then email or post to you, in the form of a bullet point action plan
This takes into consideration the salient points discussed during your appointment.  You can always email or phone me after your consultation if you have any queries regarding this.  The action plan can include all or some of the following:

•  analysis of your current diet, lifestyle and symptoms

• explanations about the specific body systems requiring support

• recommended dietary changes, with explanations for you to take future control

• if relevant, a list of foods you may need to avoid short-term, and those to increase

• if requested, recipes and a shopping list of foods or nutrients that may be new to you

• iris analysis to highlight strengths and challenged organs (only 1:1 consults; please see the section on Iridology]

• nutrient/supplement suggestions, if relevant

The Cost of your 90 minute Consultation is £100.00


Optional biochemical and nutritional functional tests (often in kit form  to be completed by you in your home) may be arranged if you wish.  This is an additional cost and can be discussed at any time, even prior to your initial appointment.  
These Functional Tests are with laboratories such as Genova Diagnostics, Biolab, Invivo laboratories a.o.  
They can offer an excellent insight into the root cause of symptoms and help identify health imbalances.  

Some common tests include: Nutrient level testing;  Comprehensive Stool analyses (eg. to determine the presence of pathogens or intestinal permeability or SIBO); Hormonal checks (eg. to determine links to PMS, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, infertility); Toxicity testing  a.o.  


The Next Step:

• Free email support between appointments (relevant to what we discussed during your consultation) is part of your initial visit.    

•  A 45 minute follow-up appointment is usually recommended 4-8 weeks later.  This can either be in person or via skype or telephone.  

The cost of the 45-50 minute follow-up appointment is £50.00 


Consultation Venues:

Your consultation can take place at my Horton Clinic, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 7EP or by Skype/Facetime.  
Home visits can also be arranged (within a 20 klm radius; travel cost is additional).

I now also run a clinic in Argostoli, Kephalonia, Greece.  Contact me for availability dates and cost in Euros.






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During the initial consultation we will ask questions about your medical history, diet and lifestyle to understand your problem. As well as questioning, we may employ various nutritional techniques such as food sensitivity tests, allergy tests or stool testing, although these are not always necessary and will always be discussed at the consultation. These will help to see if you have any nutrition deficiencies, food allergies or high toxic levels in the body. The results of these tests will give a better understanding of your health and the best way to overcome any problems you may have.
For more information or advice on any of the services that Appleaday can offer, then call us today to arrange a FREE 15 minute phone assessment. There is no obligation and the call will be entirely confidential. Monica offers a very specific tailored service, working together to achieve your unique health and wellbeing. It is essential that you feel confident that we can work together to achieve your goal whether that is to lose weight, improve your health, increase your energy levels or identify food intolerances. So please do take this opportunity to find out about more. Call Monica on 07778 465222 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a convenient time to talk further.
To book an appointment with Monica @ Appleaday Call now on: 07778 465222 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I look forward to hearing from you.

"My consultation with Monica was such an eye opener. With her advice I solved some issues I'd had for such a long time. Her approach was thoughtful and understanding and her solutions made a big difference to the way I feel everyday. I would highly recommend her services to anyone! "

Madeline Somers, Sydney (skype consultation)

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